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National Public Safety Telecommunications Week


It's time to start considering your choice for the SCPSCA Annual Awards!  Remember that as of last year, we have adopted the format that many agencies use from the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). 

This year the  SCPSCA will be selecting their Telecommunicator / Communication Officer of the year award during National Telecommunicator Week, celebrated annually the second full week of April. We are looking for nominations from each agency for two award categories, Unsung Hero Award and Telecommunicator of the Year. 


 We have chosen to follow the NENA guidelines and have 2 annual awards. First we will select one nominee from all PSAP nominations, for TC of the Year 2005 and then recognize one nominee from each agency as the Silent Hero Achievement Award.

Descriptions of the 2 awards are outlined below.



This award is presented to an individual telecommunicator in recognition of his or her exemplary handling of a specific 9-1-1 emergency call. Consideration is given to skills and knowledge exhibited in the areas of communication and leadership, and the telecommunicator’s ability to respond to unusual or special circumstances. A panel of at least three judges will review all nominations, and based on the information provided will decide on the call that best fits the criteria. More than one person can be nominated per center.

Time Period for Eligible Calls

The 9-1-1 or emergency call must have occurred between January 1 and December 31, 2005.

Award Criteria

* The nominee’s handling of a specific 91-1- or emergency call should reflect the ability to:

* Listen and comprehend the caller’s request for help;

* Take command of the conversation to obtain the necessary information;

* Make independent decisions related to proper emergency response;

* Think and respond quickly and/or creatively as the emergency situation dictates;

* Reassure a frightened, confused or upset caller;

* Address the needs and concerns of the caller;

* Remain calm and maintain professional discipline in handling a 91-1 call;

* Respond as special circumstances may dictate, including coordinating multi-jurisdictional agency response or local resources other than public safety.



This award is presented to one individual per dispatch center for exceptional professionalism in the field of emergency communications and acknowledges the special contributions of a person whose daily performance of their duties is an inspiration and example to other. Only one telecommunicator per dispatch center may be nominated. A panel of at least three judges will review all nominations to verify they meet the criteria.

Award Criteria

* The nominee must have a minimum of two years experience as a telecommunicator;

* Demonstrate a positive attitude toward all aspects of the job;

* Demonstrate a willingness to participate as a team player;

* Be professional and take pride in the quality of the work;

* Earn and maintain the respect and high esteem of co-workers;

* Be flexible in task assignments and capabilities;

* Their job performance is above and beyond the call of duty.


Email your nominations to Fran Self    or to Lisa DiLiberto



Check Out New Classes Being Offered
Make sure you check out the new classes being offered.  Go to the training section where you will find some new and exciting classes being offered in the area.
Some of the classes being offered are "CTO Instructor Course" and the NENA course "Leadership in the Comm Center".
An updated description of classes, locations and dates will be added soon!


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