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Space Coast Public Safety Communications Association
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To promote professionalism, knowledge, and camaraderie by addressing the common issues of recruiting, hiring, training, and fostering inter-agency cooperation by developing county-wide problem-slovling and operating procedures


1.  Attend county job fairs to promote our profession
    - Obtain a list of events for Brevard County from the Tourist Development Center
    - Contact the agency recruiters
    - Contact area colleges (BCC, UCF, etc.) and newspapers (Florida Today)
2.  Coordinate in-house training among all agencies
    - Identify individual agency training representatives for SCPSCA
    - Utilize the 9-1-1 office and state agencies
    - Utilize professional training organizations (NENA, APCO, etc.)
3.  Serve as a resource to all agencies to provide 9-1-1 education to businesses, the public and the school system
    - Coodinate with the 9-1-1 office
    - Inform agencies of our availability (PIO, Crime Prevention, Training, SRO)
    - Inform the Chamber of Commerce of our existence
4.  Representation at other Public Safety functions
    - Attend other Public Safety Association meetings (Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs  Associactions, Brevard County Administrative Association, etc.)
    - Correspond with other Public Safety Associations
5.  Promote Telecommunicator of the Year awards and National 9-1-1 recognition
    - Promote through the media
    - Monthly highlight or special recognition from the Association
6.  Assist in developing county-wide SOPs for PSAPs
    - Update/review 911 police/procedure
    - Determine areas of standardization for Communication Centers
7.  Servas as an individual forum for addressing mutual problems pertaining to Public Safety Communications