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Check out new classes being offered
Make sure you check out the new classes being offered.  Go to the training section where you will find some new and exciting classes being offered in the area.
Some of the classes being offered are "School Violence" and "Building Your Liability Shield".
Please take the time and look over the classes being offered along with everything else that this webiste has.




I send greetings to those observing National Public Safety Telecommunications week.

From the morning of September 11, 2001, to today, our Nation has been engaged in an unprecedented effort to defend freedom, our security, and way of life.  Every level of our government has taken steps to be better prepared against a terrorist attack.  We are enhancing security at airports, power plants, border crossings, and seaports.  We have deployed detections equipment to look for weapons of mass destruction and supplied law enforcement with better tools to detect and disrupt terrorist cells.  In addition, on November 25, 2002, I was pleased to take the next critical step in defending our country by signing legislation to create the Department of Homeland Security.  This new department will focus the resources of the United States Government on the safety of the American People.

During this time of great consequence, the skilled men and woman who operate our emergency telecommunication networks play a vital role in protecting citizens and communities.  Americans take comfort in knowing you are available to help coordinate the first response to individuals in distress, and I commend you for providing life-saving assistance to those in need.  Your important work helps show the resolve of this great Nation and demonstrates that our efforts to defend our country are united and comprehensive.

Laura joins me in sending best wishes


Signed: George Bush

President of United States of America




We have been informed that Space Coast Public Safety Communications Association has named the bi-monthly newsletter.


The newsletter name is:




Next issue will advise who is the lucky winner of the free lunch from the Name the Newsletter Contest.


I would like to thank all that participated and it was not an easy choice.


Thank You for your response



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