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This months PSAP Spotlight

Titusville Police Department
     The purpose of the Titusville Law Enforcement Department is to provide citizens of Titusville with a safe enviroment in which to live.
The Communications Division consist of 17 full-time and 2 part-time dispatchers.  Dispatch is the primary means of communications for all Police and Fire Department activities within the City.  Dispatchers are responsible for all primary communications, answering 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls and operating National Crime Information Center Teletype.  Dispatch is the primary link between citizens requesting assistance and the officers and firefighters responding to calls for service.  The Communications Center is operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Our goal is to ensure courteous and prompt service to the citizens and visitors to the City.  Communications Division is supervised by Commander Skip Toney

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Titusville Police Department


Communications Operator of the Year

Presented to:

Veronica Wright

Veronica has been a dispatcher with our agency for over seven years. During her tenure, she has continued to grow and excel, both personally and professionally. This year is exceptionally noteworthy.

As part of her ongoing responsibilities, Veronica maintains "missing persons" files for dental records, maintains and replenishes dispatch supplies and keeps the communications training program updated.

The Communications Training Program is the best it has ever been and this is largely due to the efforts Veronica put into it this past year. Being a Communications Training Officer herself, she noticed several areas where the program was lacking and took the initiative to revise the entire program from beginning to end. She started by contacting other agencies to see what their training programs were like, compared it with our own, and began to formulate what is now the Titusville Police Department Communications Division Training Program. She revised and updated procedures, guidelines, checklists, and daily observation reports. She also changed the overall appearance of the trainees book from an old three ring binder to a professional and organized manual. The entire training system is now more organized, concise, specific, and user friendly. Two fellow Communications Training Officers though so much of her efforts so as to nominate her for "Dispatcher of the 2nd Quarter" and she was subsequently presented the prestigious award.

Her desire for excellence and achievement does not stop there. She attended classes and became a certified FDLE Local Agency Instructor which enable her to give FCIC/NCIC required certification tests to personnel, saving the division time and money.

In the latter part of the year, she stretched even further in her professional career and went through the interview process to become a Communication Center Shift Lead. Her skill and knowledge shown through and she is currently one of our excellent Dispatch Shift Leads. While carrying all the responsibilities of the new position, she has also continued to train new hires and maintains all her other prior responsibilities.

Her caring spirit was demonstrated as she participated in the Titusville Rehab and Nursing Christmas party. In December, the dispatchers have a party for all the residents. They donate sweaters, give Christmas cards, share snacks and drinks and sing Christmas carol to those not fortunate enough to leave their rooms.

While it is quite evident that Veronica is an extremely motivated individual, there is more. Her personal like also reflects her tenacity and pursuit of excellence. She is married and rearing three children (which is a full-time job in itself), attends church with its many functions and continues her education by currently working toward her degree. If you know Veronica, you also know she has a huge local family and she in constantly doing things for them. While all this is impressive, and many may share that type of lifestyle, Veronicas strength and fortitude was truly demonstrated this past year with the terminal illness and then passing of her beloved father. Even during tremendous personal hardship and loss, she held true to her character, integrity and maintained her responsibilities. Our continued sympathy is extended to Veronica and her family in their great loss.


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